What is the Process For Tooth Fillings?

When a tooth has decay, a cavity typically develops. A cavity is simply a hole in the surface of the teeth. Cavities may be shallow or deep, depending upon how long it’s gone untreated. If you don’t get a tooth filling in Cleveland Heights, OH, the decay will keep eroding the tooth, and the cavity will get bigger. Having your tooth filled is a straightforward procedure at your dentist’s office. Here is a breakdown of what to expect.

Making You Comfortable

The first step is to ensure your comfort during the tooth-filling procedure. This entails the application of a numbing agent and a local anesthetic. The numbing agent is a gel applied to the surrounding gum area, and it will feel cool and comfortable as the dentist applies it.

This sets the stage for the next phase of ensuring a pain-free experience, which is the local anesthetic. This is a quick injection to the gums that numbs the tooth so you don’t feel pain.

Removal of Decayed Matter

Next, the dentist will use tools, such as a dental drill, to remove the part of the tooth that’s decayed. Decayed tooth matter contains harmful bacteria, so it must be removed to ensure that it doesn’t further erode the healthy parts of your tooth. During this time, you will have a sensation of work being done on your tooth, but it won’t feel painful.


Before the filling is done, the dentist will apply a disinfection agent to the tooth, including inside the cavity. This further helps to ensure that all harmful bacteria have been removed and works to kill any remaining bad bacteria.

Preparation for Filling

The dentist or dental hygienist will air dry the tooth using a dental tool so that the filling can be applied. You’ll feel a sensation of air blowing inside the mouth.

Filling and Curing

Next, using the tooth filling material that you’ve chosen with your Cleveland Heights, OH dentist, the dentist will fill the cavity. The drying process for the filling may be helped along with a special light or air-drying tool while you relax in the dentist’s chair. As the numbing agents wear off, you’ll remain comfortable because the tooth has been successfully filled, and any nerve endings are no longer exposed.

If you have a dental cavity, contact us to book an appointment for a tooth filling as soon as possible. The process is simple, and there is little to no discomfort involved, so there’s no reason to delay!