5 Myths About Tooth Extractions  

If you’ve never had a tooth extraction, you may believe some of the common myths associated with this dental treatment. Here are some of the most common myths about tooth extractions that can be debunked.

1. They Hurt!

The idea of having a tooth extracted may seem scary, but the actual procedure isn’t painful at all. In fact, most patients with teeth that are so decayed or infected get massive relief from pain upon extraction. The dentist first ensures that the tooth and gum tissue are numbed before beginning a tooth extraction. Sedation is also available for patients who request it.

2. Recovery Takes a Lot of Time

There may be some bleeding associated with a tooth extraction. The cavity will be packed with sterile cotton to absorb any fluids. During this time, the patient will want to refrain from eating. They may want to stay home for the rest of the day. But very soon, a clot will form, and most patients feel fully able to resume normal activities that evening or the next day.

3. Wisdom Teeth Always Need Extraction

It’s true that wisdom teeth frequently need to be extracted, especially if they are crowding other teeth or preparing the mouth for orthodontic treatment. But unless there’s a problem, wisdom teeth are fine to stay in.

4. Damaged Teeth Always Need Extraction

The sooner a bad tooth is treated, the better the chances of saving it. Your dentist in Cleveland Heights, OH, is committed to saving as many of your adult teeth as possible. Whenever it’s best for the patient, a tooth will be treated rather than extracted. Tooth extraction is a last resort.

5. Having a Tooth Extracted Causes Other Problems

When a tooth is extracted, bacteria can be introduced into the oral cavity from beneath the gum line. However a good dentist prevents any spread of bacteria with proper hygiene and disinfection during the extraction process. Another potential issue is healthy teeth shifting because of the gap left behind from an extracted tooth. This is why follow-up care is essential to put a replacement tooth in its place.

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